Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Random thoughts...

  1. Why do large churches have such a difficult time getting people to volunteer? Our Wednesday night youth program needed 45 volunteers, and they only got 15 without begging. Even with begging, we are understaffed. So I volunteered to teach 4th grade boys, and dragged my hubby along with me, as well as a great woman from the choir. She and I will switch off at half-time so I can go to band practice. Frankly, I don't care if the church has to sing with no piano for nine months so long as the kids are taken care of.
  2. There is nothing like flea-bathing a Golden Retriever puppy who loves you to take care of the blues. Adopting out kittens is fun, too. And the cats we got at the Humane Society from the hurricane are really cute.
  3. Butterfly bushes really do attract butterflies. The monarchs are cool!
  4. It's great to go to a Christian music concert where the performers stand up and sing without confessing all their personal failings. We went to a GLAD concert last weekend, and they kept the focus on Christ, not on themselves. Good music, spectacularly performed, and worship was had by all.
  5. Never try to hold a Bible Bowl practice for teenagers after they have been bouncing on inflatable rides. If you do, get help--big, brawny help.