Monday, June 18, 2007

Computers Are Our Friends

I have been reminded all day of how much I would like to be a Luddite. I have just endured the fourth computer glitch in the last 6 hours--one of which I spent at dinner! The latest one will require a phone call to the company that runs the testing software we use, but that's a problem for tomorrow. I really don't have it in me this evening to call up a machine and talk to a person in Bangalore (best case) or yet another computer (by far the worst case scenario).

To be fair, some things are simpler with computers. It's easy to revise a document--assuming the server hasn't crashed and taken the latest draft of said document with it. Documents on computers are more secure--provided that the password you have been provided actually lets you unlock your file. And you can make nifty placards with word processing software and clip art; it would be lovely if the printer recognized your terminal's log-in and printed the sign.

I think I will leave the computer alone the rest of the evening. I'm off to enjoy a really low-tech academic tool--the book.

Y'all have a good evening. May all your glitches be minor ones.

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